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Water flows from a rain gutter into a wooden barrel, surrounded by green leaves.

Using a Rain Barrel in your Tucson-Area Yard

Using a rain barrel to collect rainwater in your Tucson-area yard is a great way to save money, conserve water, and improve plant health - all for the cost of materials and a little bit of effort. A rain barrel system can be as simple or as complex as you want (we like simple!), beautiful (yes, really!), and is an important part of water-wise gardening in Tucson's desert environment.
Cholla in the foreground, mountains in the background, and a monsoon storm and sunset in the distance at a Tucson-area park in August

August Yard and Garden Tips

What to do in your Tucson yard in August, including what to plant or sow this month, pruning tips, fall planning, pests to look out for, and how to water to help your plants through the monsoon season.
Goats head, a noxious weed in Southern Arizona

Noxious Weeds and Invasive Plants in Southern Arizona

In this article, we go over several different kinds of noxious or invasive weeds found in Tucson and the surrounding areas, describe why they are more harmful than helpful, and give you tips for how you can spot and remove them.
A clay chiminea on metal stand with a fire going surrounded by plants

How to Use a Chiminea in Your Tucson Yard

Chimineas are a popular outdoor accessory sold in many places in Tucson. In this article, we go over how to choose the right chiminea for your yard, how to use it, maintain it, and enjoy it for many years.
A clay pot known as an olla or garden olla, for sale at a Tucson garden center

Water your Tucson Garden with an Olla

If you've ever heard the expression "everything old is new again," you will understand the appeal of garden ollas. These clay pots have been used for garden irrigation since early civilizations, and are becoming a popular yard and garden tool again. The secret is in how the water is distributed to your plant roots - the clay olla is unglazed, allowing water to seep out into the ground. The suction created by roots allows the plants to soak up the water released by the olla. We answer all of your olla questions in this FAQ blog post.
A mailbox used as a planter at the Tucson Botanical Gardens

Feature Your Sale or Offer Here!

Do you have an upcoming sale? An event or offer you’d like our readers to know about? Let us know and we’ll feature it in this spot!
Dry ground showing a drought in Tucson

What Tucson Residents Can Do About the Ongoing Tucson-Area Drought

Water is critical to life in the desert southwest and an important consideration when growing plants in your yard. In this article, we talk about the 20-year drought that Tucson is experiencing, how that affects our water supplies, what preparations have been made, and what we as Tucson-area citizens and gardeners can do.
Fall garden seedlings

What & When to Plant in Your Fall Garden in Tucson

We list the best times to plant specific flowers, herbs, and vegetables in Tucson this fall, as well as whether they're best started from seed or as transplants.
A September sunset in Tucson

September Yard and Garden Tips

What to do in your Tucson yard in September, including what to plant or sow this month, fertilization guidelines, and watering tips, as well as pests to watch for.

Why Visit the Tucson Botanical Gardens?

The recently re-opened Tucson Botanical Gardens, located in midtown Tucson near Grant and Alvernon, often slips under the radar for locals and tourists alike. If you're looking for a peaceful spot in the middle of town, some inspiration for your own yard, or an overview of what plants can grow in Tucson, this may be a solution.
Monsoon clouds in the sky in July in Tucson

July Yard and Garden Tips

What to do in your Tucson yard in July, including what to plant or sow, prune, harvest, fertilize, shade, and water to help your plants survive the start of monsoon season.
Creosote branches in the foreground, mountains and a sunset in the background on a hiking path in Tucson

June Yard and Garden Tips

What to do in your Tucson yard in June, including what to plant or sow, prune, harvest, fertilize, shade, and water to help your plants survive the heat.


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