About Local Yard & Garden Resources

About Us

We provide LOCAL consumers with a free, easy-to-use service that lets them quickly find specific yard and garden products or services offered by high-quality local businesses


What is Local Yard & Garden Resources?

  • Local Yard & Garden Resources is a website that includes:
    • A searchable online directory dedicated to helping consumers find the local yard and garden products/services they need
    • Resources about city- or area-specific plants, as well as local yard- and garden-related places, groups, organizations and events
    • Articles about gardening, landscape design, and related activities
    • A monthly newsletter to local subscribers
  • Managed by a team with over 40 years combined experience in the green industry and 10 years experience developing award-winning green industry websites
  • Each city/location has a local coordinator who resides in that location and manages the listings and content for that location
  • Coordinators personally visit every business in their area before it’s listed in the directory, vet the local content added to the website, and edit all local articles published on the site


How a Listing Works

  • A local coordinator visits each selected local provider as a "secret shopper." If that experience doesn't meet our standards, the business won't be listed on this website (we only list high-quality local businesses!). But if it's a good experience, the coordinator will then collect detailed information about the business, including (but not limited to):
    • Products and services offered
    • Complete contact and location information
    • Business hours (including seasonal changes)
    • Delivery and/or pick-up options
    • Payment methods
    • Photos of the location
    • Anything else you’d like customers to know about your business
  • Based on the site visit and follow-up interview, we write a description of the business that will be listed on the website under the relevant product/service categories.

This isn’t just a listing scraped off the internet, it’s a detailed description intended to help consumers make an educated decision about where to find what they need from a LOCAL business.