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Sunset in Tucson in November

November Yard and Garden Tips

<< October Yard & Garden Tips December Yard & Garden Tips >> What to do in your Tucson Yard in November November in Tucson means we have a lot of things to be grateful for. The temperatures some years might actually be described as “chilly,” especially when the sun goes down. With that in mind, Read more...
Cactus in Tucson yard

October Yard and Garden Tips

What to do in your Tucson yard and garden in October, including what to plant or sow now, watering tips, lawn care, pruning, frost protection and more.
tucson desert tree sunset

Benefits of Trees in Tucson’s Desert Landscapes & Yards

Why you should plant trees in your Tucson yard, the benefits trees provide in the desert, where to buy trees in Tucson, how to properly plant trees, local tree programs and more.
cactus succulents fall sales

Fall 2019 Plant Sales in Tucson

Dates, links, descriptions, and directions to all fall 2019 plant sales in Tucson, AZ and surrounding areas. Find the plants you need on sale this fall!
hummingbird in flight

Create a Hummingbird Oasis in Your Tucson Yard

Want to attract hummingbirds to your Tucson-area yard? We give you information on what hummingbirds are looking for, pros and cons of hummingbird feeders, some suggestions on what to plant, and some places in Southeastern Arizona where you can plan a visit to see varieties of hummingbirds.
outdoor lighting lantern in garden

Add Outdoor Lighting to your Tucson Landscape Without Violating Dark Sky Ordinances

How can you add nighttime lighting to your yard without creating light pollution for our Tucson night skies? We go over the negative effects of light pollution and give you resources to find dark-sky friendly outdoor lighting for your Tucson yard and garden.
shade for your tucson yard pergola

How To Create Shade In Your Tucson Yard

The summer sun in Tucson can be brutal. As everyone knows, during this time of year you run from air-conditioned car to air-conditioned building, and the best parking spot is the one in the shade. If you want to spend time in your Tucson yard or garden during these hot summer months, you’ll want to add some kind of shade to make the time outdoors bearable (and to protect yourself from UV rays)! In this article, we go over several options for adding shade to your yard so that you can enjoy your outdoor space.


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