Water your Tucson Garden with an Olla

If you’ve ever heard the expression “everything old is new again,” you will understand the appeal of garden ollas. These clay pots have been used for garden irrigation since early civilizations, and have become a popular yard and garden tool again. The secret is in how the water is distributed to your plant roots – the clay olla is unglazed, allowing water to seep out into the ground. The suction created by roots allows the plants to soak up the water released by the olla.

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Ready to Get Started With Ollas?

As you can see above, garden ollas may have been an early invention, but they are still useful today. They are especially helpful in a location like Tucson, where rain has been sparse for several years. We hope you have enjoyed learning about these clay watering tools. If you end up making or using a garden olla, let us know how you like using it in our Tucson Yard & Garden Resources Facebook Group.

Jack Hemingway


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